"In all contexts of life, we are figures that we must highlight with our best expression."

I coined the term Expresatura to give a name to the concept of living with elegance, effectiveness and positivism.

My inspiration for this concept comes from the Italian word sprezzatura, created by Baltazar de Castiglione and used in his famous treatise, "Il Cortegiano", published in 1528. Treatise in which the Count of Novellata develops the ideal model of the courtier and describes how It must be a gentleman or a lady.

At the time it was used to describe the ease and elegance with which courtiers acted and dressed, often showing a disdain for any effort.

For the Italian poet Manzoni, it was related to the natural confidence that allowed us to talk about great things in familiar terms and manage to impress and entertain, even without doing so on purpose.

Its meaning has evolved, but it still maintains its essence of "Disguising art and showing what is done and said without effort and almost without thinking about it" or the "art of hiding art." Achieving something exquisite and even though the effort has been complicated, is perceived as simple and natural. We currently find it in fashion, art and literature.

Often, in everyday life, we adopt preconceived attitudes or automatic reactions when facing repetitive situations that affect us negatively.

Expresatura is an approach that aims to lead any person or business to their transfiguration. It urges adopting a new attitude and reaction to these circumstances, allowing the effective resolve of any situation and its challenges, maintaining a reputation based on virtuosity and elegance.

However, achieving this transfiguration by adopting Expresatura,  requires a deep understanding of oneself and the circumstances that surround us.

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