Children´s heritage

It is claimed that the future belongs to the children.

In my opinion, it is preferable to change that sentence for a proposition that "forces" the present to become more responsably involved in the future. That push to review the manners and ways of how it "overcomes" or "solves" all situations or circumstances now.

To become a better example to follow.

With respect to the crockpotting effect that we are experiencing nowadays, it is a priority to reduce in asperiter the care free habit of dismissing and discarding, when prospecting the future, the scientifically proven information.

There is a lot of palpable evidence that shows that something is not right in the climatic conformation. That put humanity as a significant part of that "is not right".

It is evident that the future "is" for children, but we adults "do" it. In other words, although children will live and own the future, we can say with certainty that they neither consciously nor planfully take initiatives or act in shaping their future.

But surely adults think it's okay to be somewhat carefree about what will happen when we don't exist, today we live in comfort and tasty.

In short, we must not discard the notion that the problem that is not resolved now has the potential to become a tragedy tomorrow.

However, for now, it is neither ideal nor desirable to turn the problem into a tragedy.

Therefore, the present must think very well how to "do" the now, so that the future is also comfortable and tasty.

Therefore, we must affirm today that: The future is the inheritance that belongs to the children.

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