Children´s heritage: A Responsibility for today.

It's often said that the future belongs to the children. However, I believe this phrase presents a passive view that could promote the thought that also is their problem.

I think it's time to shift from this and emphasize the responsibility of the present in shaping the future.

This shift prompts us to reevaluate how we address and solve current challenges and situations.

We should strive to become better examples for the younger generation to follow.

For example, with the ongoing climate crisis, it's crucial to reduce our habit of carelessly dismiss scientifically proven information and mounting evidence that suggests something is wrong in the world's climate, and humanity plays a significant role in this issue.

While the future technically belongs to children, they don't yet have the conscious planning and initiative to shape it.

It seems that adults in their live are mainly complacent about what happens after they're gone, while enjoying comfort and indulgence.

We should not forget that unresolved problems today can turn into tragedies tomorrow.

At the same time, it's neither ideal nor desirable to turn these problems into present tragedies.

Therefore, we must carefully consider how we act in the present to ensure a equally comfortable and prosperous future for our children.

Today we know that the future do not belong to the children is merely their inheritance, not their responsibility.

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