Unimpossible - Inimposibilidad

“As a word, impossibility is one of those human created term that conveys the concept or idea of, not possible. This is so because humanity moves between  the possible and the impossible. 
Impossibility is a real concept for humans and a perpetual syncope, that reduces or suppresses his ability and will to surpass itself, any situation or any eventuality. Nonetheless, for humanity impossibility in addition to fear, has exerted over it, the right and exact pressure system, that has pushed it to excellence and prosperity.

As opposed, for Life, as a living, intelligent system, impossibility is not real. Life moves between probable and improbable. Humans come from Life. In our planet we call it Nature. Thus, it is in our code, how to learn to embrace unimpossibility and conquer uncertainty, to easy up the conversion of fear into an easy manageable tool; and so, make wise, expedite and effective decisions.” 


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