Sueño / Dream

No tocas,

No existes,
Eres fugitivo e imposibilidad.
Ofreces, más que esperanza, solo ilusiones.
Aún así, 

Renuncio a no poseerte.
Ansío que seas,
Te conservo,
Me obstino en realizarte,
Y sin ti, pareciera que el tiempo  no existiese,  y la vida no tuviese un para qué.


You don't touch,
don't exist
You are fugitive and impossibility.
You offer, more than hopes only illusions.
Even though,

I renounce not owning you,
I long for you to be,
I keep you,
I persist in realizing you,
And without you, it seems that time does not exist, and life does not have a reason.

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